BOKRA.TV is an initiative started by a group of artists and filmmakers and television professionals.

The initiative is to create an electronic TV channel that tries to nurture all the genuine ideas for Egypt's future.

The initiative recognizes that the January 25th revolution has not ended. It has achieved its first goals but we as a people face many difficulties that we have to work together to remove and we have a lot of tasks that we need to work together to achieve.

The change that we aspire for it is a worthy goal that requires that we all work for and bokra TV is an open invitation to all those working in that film and television industry to participate in realizing that change through the use of their artistic tools. To be part of this you don't have to be a practicing professional you just need to have the will and the desire to dream of an Egyptian homeland for tomorrow. let's let our imagination run wild. we have a life to create.

-- BOKRA means tomorrow --

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